Here are our beautiful breeders!


Falkor is one of the best cats around. Absolute snuggle bug. Super soft coat and bushy tail. Loves to play with the kids. He is our day one who started it all. He is 100% Maine Coon.


Onyx is our big black smoke male. He has the biggest heart out of all of our Maine Coons. He loves snuggling and being held. His favorite thing to do is lay upside down in our arms and have his belly rubbed. He is 100% Maine Coon.


Nova was our first female. she has such a nig heart and loves to be pet on her back. She will sleep in our laps for hours. She has the fluffiest fur out of them all. She is 100% Maine Coon.


Marble is our most beautiful mama. She has the most colors. She is also the biggest female we have. She likes to chase lasers and cuddle up in our lap. She is 100% Maine Coon.


M.J. is from out first very litter of kittens. She takes after her dad Falkor. She has a beautful silver coat and is one of the most playful kitties. She also enjoys belly rubs and chasing around the laser. She is 50% Maine Coon


Lane is on the shy side, but loves to play with the kitty balls. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the window side and watch the birds. She is domestic.


Luna is the most popular cat in the house. She wants to be held and loves belly rubs. She's also very mischievous and likes to hide in the cabinets. She is domestic.


Winnie is the favorite cat of the bunch. She os always rubbing her face in ours, as she wants all the attention. She loves to cuddle in a ball on our laps. She's snuggly, fun, and is always into everything. She is 75% Maine Coon.